5 Best Casual Trends For Working Women

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How to dress both casual and cute!

Contrary to popular belief: you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other! Yes, there are some outfits that distinctly fall into either or category and while it may not be the sweats and a T-shirt combo you dream off after work, it is a nice medium between stiff and comfy. There are certain trends sweeping the working women network and we’re here to tune you in to some of the best of the best! Come your next interview, meeting, or just another day at work you’ll be rocking the look and feeling great while you do it! Here is a list of some of the best casual trends for working women:


If there’s one utility player in the world of fashion--- it’s a good cardigan. It is incredibly versatile in that it can work for both work and every day fashion! For the most options available for pairing, it’s always a good idea to go with black. However, cardigans are such a wardrobe essential you’re going to want more than one. Be sure to try out different colors and styles and you’ll be taking every work ready look from casual to classy!

Dress Pants

You might be thinking ‘well duh’ because most working women have at least one pair in their closest. But for comfort, there’s a very specific kind you’re going to want to own. Particularly: one with an elastic waistband. There are even products out there of dress pants made from the same material as yoga pants! They look just like any other straight legged pair of work trousers would but feel slimming and comfy! Even just getting an elastic waistband can drastically change your day. No more fiddling with an uncomfortable tummy button, simply pull up and let yourself breathe!

Flare Dress

Anything that doesn’t require some version of tummy control gets instantly labeled in the comfortable section. Flare dresses are nice because they open up right on the area of the stomach that feels the most discomfort. Waistbands of jeans can dig in to the under stomach area, and buttons, clasps, and zippers cause a whole other set of problems. A nice flare dress not only looks nice, but feels fantastic! Light and breathable you’ll be bulk ordering these to feel fresh for days!

Block Heels

As with any other heel, you’ll want to try a specific pair on before making the final judgement. However, as a general rule, the thicker the heel the better balance you have. Pumps are cute but they can be physically painful if worn every day. Alternatively, booties have the same effect. These are better worn with dressed up jeans or pants, but depending on how you rock ‘em can work on a dress just as well.  

Wrinkle Free Blouses

Not just comfortable, but convenient too! Wrinkle free blouses are the kind that no matter which way you fold them, you won’t need an iron. That means less time spent in the morning trying to even it out, and more time getting you ready for the day. They’re also incredibly comfortable and easy to pair with any number of work-related fashion accessories. Most wrinkle free blouses are also extremely breathable, and won’t have you feeling stuffy halfway through the day.


Work doesn’t have to wear you down! You can find a cute style without risking your own comfort. Take these simple 5 accessories and wardrobe necessities as a beginners guide to workplace fashion. In no time you’ll be finding your own ways to make your comfort, cute!

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