5 Trendy Thanksgiving Dresses

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Fall, flavor, and fashion!

Make this year’s festivities a regular runway! As the holiday season approaches, new and fresh looks are in much higher demand. So give in, and show out! Wear something you never have before, or stick to some of your old but gold favorite designs. Whatever you choose, be sure to make it you! And to help with that process, check out some of shopzolic’s best fall dresses:

Casual Sleeveless Flowy Dress

Casual and fun, this is a dress you can wear all day without dying to change. It’s a light, thin material that mean you won’t feel hot and stuffy throughout the day, and pairs nicely with a wide array of jackets if you live in a colder climate. It is also the perfect dress for some soft colored shoes and jewelry! Baby pinks go great with blue as well as some other blacks, browns, and whites that can really set the mood for the entire ensemble.

Pearl Neck Trim Tank Dress  

Get the whole look with one piece! Something slimming, soft, and comes with its own bling! This dress is the perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about accessorizing. The triple necklace look that connects the tasteful black trim is a statement piece in and of itself. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own, if you want! Go for some cute bracelets, stylish shoes, or just your fun loving personality and this thanksgiving will be the best yet!

Printed Jersey Dress

Make an impression at dinner this year! This dress has just the right amount of color to truly pop and show off your trendy side. Patterns are also a big hit for the thanksgiving aesthetic. Warm colors are another November style not to be missed, and this dress has both in spades! What’s especially nice is that you can pair this dress with any number of colored shoes. Black, brown, white, red, even blue to match the thin lines on the dress! And this isn’t just exclusive to thanksgiving, this dress can be a hit no matter the time of year!

Slim Fit Sheath Dress

Class it up! The sleek black and blue of this dress sends the immediate message that you know how to kill the elegant chic look. And with sleeves that go down to the elbows, it’s even better for colder climates! Add tights if the weather gets chilly, or bare-leg it with some trendy heels depending on where you live and what you want to wear. The important thing is that you wear this knowing you look like a million bucks!

Double Strap Cross-Back Maxi Tank Dress

It’s Maxi Dress season! Then again, that’s every season. Maxi dresses have been so “in” for years now, that if you don’t already love the look, you will once you realize the comfort. This dress is even slimming—hugging you in all the right places with twin straps at the top for that casual, cute look. And the print is a fun design that is sure to spice up any thanksgiving meal you attend! Make the holidays your runway, and work it with a maxi dress!


Whether it’s friendsgiving or thanksgiving, this holiday season is the perfect excuse for a little wardrobe TLC. Check out the @shopzolic Instagram account or shopzolic website for all the latest and greatest in trends. Happy holidays!  

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