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Get the look for less!

If you’re on this site, it means you have a passion for fashion! And if you’ve had this passion long enough, you know how expensive a simple dollar tag can get. There’s nothing more disappointing then seeing the cutest, most ‘you’ styled dressed only to come to find it costs just about the same as your rent. But never fear, shopzolic is here! And to make all your dress needs easier, check out this list of affordable dresses:

A little bit of lace: Women’s Sleeveless Floral Lace Dress for $18.00

Flirty, fun, and fashionable! This pattern is a bright and happy sundress that will complete your sunshine look. Cut off at the sleeves its perfect for warm weather, or even to pair with a cute jacket. And cut a little higher than mid-thigh this is the perfect dress to show off some leg! And not to mention, it’s all less than $20!

Something blue…: Striped Knot Cuff Scallop Trim Bardot Dress for $18.00

Breezy and beautiful! This trim bardot dress is the perfect look for a fun day in the sun. Off the shoulders this gives some major attention to your body, and the frill cut at the bottom adds a whole new vibe to the piece altogether. And with such a soft, comforting blue it is one of the most versatile items in any dress wardrobe. All for the low low price of $18!

Wow ‘em in white: Solid Ruffle Bodycon Dress for $21.00

Everybody needs a little white dress! This shopzolic special is a bodycon flow dress. Meaning it hugs you in all the right places and lets loose in all the others. There is even a little cut beneath the chest and above the abdomen for that fun and flirty look! And with ruffled sleeves and a flowy bottom you will look positively angelic!

Classy and classic: Round neck sleeveless dress for $28

Tried and true: look to a good cocktail dress to make your evening shine! This blue is deep, dark, and rich so that it really highlights your body in a body positive way. The little window in the back is just enough to keep them guessing without going backless, and the way the dress opens up on the bottom means you get to shake it all night long! Paired with a classy pair of heels, or even some flats this is a simple look that will kill!

Mother Nature Magnificent: Plant Print Dress for $25

 Go a little bit more worldly and dress like the best! This simple dress is one of the most comfortable and cute items on the list. It’s long and sweeping to give that stylin’ look, and made with such a soft green you’ll feel the good vibes flowing freely. It’s an incredibly trendy look too, as the loose feel and longer bottom takes this year’s fashionistas by a storm. And for $25, it’s practically a steal!

Back in intricate Black: Damask Print Keyhole Back Bodycon Dress for $26

Now this will make some heads turn! If you’ve worn out all your usual party outfits, it’s time to revitalize your closet! Especially as the colder months breath their whispers of snow into the playing field, it’s absolutely essential to get something warming. This bodycon dress has full length sleeves to battle the chill, and still leaves room to work the legs! It’s tan and black and looks like it was made specifically for your body type no matter when you put it on. Not to mention, the peek-a-boo hole in the back that really adds an edge of fierce to your fall.


And these are just the highlights! If you’re looking for more affordable and fashionable dresses, pants, shirts, and more: check out the shopzolic website or @shopzolic Instagram. You’ll be on your way to full-fledged fashionista in no time!

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