6 Lovely Longsleeves for Winter

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Staying warm in the winter!

 Not ready to lose your look to the changing of the season? Don't! Invest in a cute, heavy duty winter jacket, and then be ready to dazzle with the outfit underneath when you get to your destination. Winter is the perfect time to try some new things out, and to stay warm while you do it! Check out these 5 cute long sleeves from shopzolic to make your winter wardrobe wonderful! 

  1. Off Shoulder Bell Sleeve Top

Just cause the weather gets cold doesn’t mean you can’t look hot! This off the shoulder bell sleeve top is the perfect shirt to wear to a fun night on the town, or a day at an event. It pairs beautifully with any number of jackets, and when you get inside you can ‘wow’ the crowds with some serious shoulder. It’s also extremely comfortable as the elastic hugs your chest and lets the rest breathe. And with black and white stripes, it’s a color combo that will kill at any party!

  1. I’m 100% That Witch Sweatshirt

Celebrate the spooky season in style! Halloween shirts are all the rage leading up to the October 31st finale. Be sure to get in on this early with something incredibly unique and cute! With a cropped bottom, it is both flirty and fun while still being warm. It’s both a sweater and a fashion statement all wrapped into one of the best fall looks! And blood red to boot, that compliments a wide variety of haunted aesthetics.

  1. LUMI Crop Top

Mark down this page in your look book as a favorite! The long sleeves are made from soft, warming material and the neckline dips low enough to wear as a cute over the shoulder piece. That means it functions great no matter if you’re lounging inside in summer, or bundling up in winter. And as a crop top, it is also an incredibly versatile piece. Going from relaxed weekend at home to a day spent in the city. Choose the clothes that work as hard as you do!

  1. Black Panel Crop Top

Class the look up a little and check out some patterns! Patterns are a great way to add some diversity to your wardrobe. They’re visually appealing, and make everything look just that much fancier. Especially lace. Any lace design makes the look go from comfortable to classy. This long sleeve is a black design that goes great with jeans or a skirt. And it has a low hanging collar and bell sleeves to match! It’s a look unparalleled by other fashion scenes, and totally worth joining your influencer wardrobe.

  1. V neckline Split Side Slub

Dress it up with a dress! Just because it starts to get cold doesn’t mean sweats have to be your go-to! A nice dress goes a long way, and there’s nothing more important than knit warmth. This dress is a form fitting, V-cut dress that opens up to show just enough thigh at the bottom. The long, gray sleeves stretch all the way down to the wrist and the material is so heavenly you’ll want to sleep in it!


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