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Sensational shopping with shopzolic!

We're all looking for the best, right? Best coffee, best movies, best hair days? Well the same applies, no shock, to clothes! Shopping, both virtual and physical can take a lot of time and effort to find a piece that really screams 'you!' So why waste all that time, when you could just divert to some good judgement? The bestsellers are classics for a reason, and that's why we've rounded up some of the best to get you stylin' this season: 

Off Shoulder Top

One of the best selling items for a reason! Every fashionista knows that there’s nothing better than a good versatile piece. Something that works just as well come cocktail hour as it does brunch. This charming white top is something that will go great no matter how you pair it. Try on some classic blue jeans or tuck it into a skirt, this shirt does all the work for you! And not to mention, shows off what you want. A classy but cheeky shoulder is just what the trends ordered. Be sure to snag one of shopzolic’s hottest looks soon!

Polka Dot Knit Top

Or go for something with a bit more pop! This polka dot knit top is a bestseller because of the kind of style that never goes out of fashion. It has the classy chic design that works from office, to day spent in the city with the girls. And the shoulders have a cute white fringe to boot! The centerpiece is the dual white strings that can be fashioned into any number of bows for that finishing touch. Pair it with some shopzolic accessories, and your wardrobe revamp is done!

Floral Cami Top

Sometimes you just need something that says: FUN! Especially if you have a day in the sun planned. Warm weather has just as many cute looks as its cold counterpart. You just need to add some color! The blue here is so deep and diverse it overlaps like the sea, and there’s a fine layer of lace for that much needed refinement. And what is especially nice about this piece, is that is opens up at the bottom. Fanning out into the perfect complement to just about any body type.

Boss Lady Tee

How about a shirt that knows you? Everybody needs a few good T-shirts in their wardrobe rotation. Ones to spend a lazy day at home in, and ones, like this, to make a statement with. The Boss Lady T-shirt is such a bestseller because it works in all sorts of ways. Let your power be known! Pair it with shorts, a skirt, jeans, or some nice-fitting flannel and make this T-shirt one of your most loved items. And for just $18, it’s no wonder it’s such a steal!

Diamante Women’s Top

Live it up with a little lace! It’s something that keeps on coming back in the fashion magazines, so you’re going to need a piece to make your own. This is a top that goes up to the neck and down to the waist in some of the best thin-lace on the market. It is a breathable fabric that can pair nicely with a bra or undershirt. The sleeves are short and not constricting which means it can be the perfect design for a day spent in the son. Or, as we approach winter, something that knocks out the crowd when you take off your jacket. Long live lace!


Like what you see? These are just the bestsellers! There’s plenty more where this came from on the shopzolic website. Be sure to follow @shopzolic on Instagram to get real time updates of some of the best looks on the market!

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