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Feeling beautiful in blue!

Even if you’ve got it, we’re here to say it’s not enough! Blue is one of those colors you just can’t get enough of! Especially considering it comes in so many different shades, shapes, and designs. Why should you have to choose between turquoise and navy? Different occasions call for different looks, and that’s what this style guide is here for! Check out some of the best of blue from shopzolic’s very own haul:

Loose Knit Short Sleeve Top

Black and blue in the best kind of way! This is that nice deep blue look that really complements a wide variety of looks. Pair with dark jeans for that sultry and chic look, or with a nice skirt for something flirty and fun. You could even throw a blazer over it for a kind of casual professional look, and you’ll stay comfortable all the while! The best kind of blue, is the one that works for you!

Casual Sleeveless Flowy Dress

Dress up in blue! Not only is that beautiful navy kind of sleek, it is also feather-light and makes for a fantastic day dress. With its flowy open end this is the kind of dress you won’t want to take off. And the twin thin straps at the top are perfect for casual wear, or even dressing it up with a jacket or shawl. Navy blue is also ideal to pair with some lighter tones to really make it pop. Try some pinks, yellows, or reds and people won’t be able to stop talking about your sense of style!

Knit to Woven Button-Front Top

Make it pop! Blue doesn’t have to be the dark color in your ensemble, you can pair blue with black pants and still come off making a colorful statement. This blue is an eye-catcher, something that demands to be seen. And why shouldn’t it? It’s super cute! The sleeves and pinched up to the elbow and the button up collar fits to what your comfort is all for one great, vibrant look. It is even a knit to woven style top, meaning you will feel absolutely loved by this shirt all day long.

Pasion Jeans – Push Up Style G210

Let blue be your support system. Literally! These push up jeans are just the right look for the current trends. They hug the waist all the way up past the hips, and carry the rest of you with it! It is such a cute, slimming, and flattering style that you’ll want to buy this in bulk! Wear it out and about during the day, or with some pumps at night and these are the jeans that keep on giving.

Long Sleeve Crew Neck Top

Comfort is key! Everyone needs a good long sleeve, and in the true theme of things: what better color than blue? This long sleeve crew neck will surely work its way into your favorites in no time. For one, it goes with just about every kind of bottom. Tuck it in, leave it out, wear it with jeans, shorts, pants, pajamas, you name it! And for another, it’s incredibly comfortable. The kind that will have you moving laundry day up just to get it back in the rotation.


Feeling blue the list is over? Have no fear @shopzolic on Instagram is here! There are plenty more looks to follow and trends to explore with the ease of social media. The most important thing to remember is to love your look!

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