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Move over, blue!

It’s a universal truth that jeans are one of the best things known to legs everywhere. They're cute, they work for just about everything, and maybe most importantly: they're comfortable. Especially come winter chill season, you're going to want some pairs to bundle up in! And instead of going for another pair of blue in your decidedly blue closet, maybe check out the ends of color spectrum. Here are some white and black jeans you'll want this year:  

Crocker Women’s Jeans

High fashion is high waisted! There is nothing quite like a good pair of high waisted jeans, and these are just the ones! With the cute center piece of a trio of buttons lining up from center hip to belly button, it’s no wonder these are a best seller. There is even a little bit of gold on both sides to show off some hip, and just enough room at the bottom to get that darling tucked look. Pair with high heels or flats and these jeans will become your new best friend.

Button Waist Raw Hem Jeans

One of the trends on the comeback train has to be bell bottoms. But in new and inventive ways. For example, these white hem jeans open up at the bottom just slightly to give off that much needed retro vibe. And the high waist is another big trend that needs exploring. White is just the color for jeans if you’re planning on wearing a colored top, or trying to dress it up a little bit. It’s also fun to add some yellows, oranges, and other bright colors to really make your look pop!

Sweet Look Premium

Back to black! And sexy to boot! These black jeans are the perfect look for an outfit that needs a bit of a tempting touch. There are little cheetah triangles just on the corner of the pockets, and diamonds dipping further in. And the black is tight enough to show off your rockin’ bod without being restrictive. Black jeans are all the rage because not only is black slimming, but black jeans just look like you know how to find a good time.

Michel Women’s

White and ripped! Both trends are incredibly popular into today’s mainstream, and put together they look even better! Racing up the legs are twin rips that show just enough skin to get the point across. Ripped jeans are meant to look frayed and oh-so cool, and these get the job done! Pair it with your choice of blouse or top and you’ll never want to buy another pair of blue jeans again. And while these aren’t necessarily high waisted, they do rise high enough for a cute little double button to rest just below the belly button. Cute and chic!


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