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Your style guide to shopzolic’s beautiful blouses

Tanks, shirts, and tees, oh my! In the wide world of tops, there are so many options your wardrobe can start to feel cluttered! However, one of the best tools in any style icons closet is the use of blouses. Blouses work great for both business and pleasure. Professional and play. They can be dressed up or down with a simple hair style, choice in pants, or even some chic jewelry. For everything shopzolic blouses, check out this helpful guide of some of the best:

Jersey Keyhole Top

Go for something light, flirty, and fun! The Jersey Keyhole Top is a comfortable white blend that goes great with jeans, skirts, or shorts. The bow in the front makes this classic white blouse and instant cute piece, and the flowing sleeves add beautifully to the aesthetic. Even the bottom brings the whole blouse together with a pattern of circles in four rows with a chic frill on the bottom. Not only is it trendy but it is traditional, and thus timeless!

Cold Shoulder Checkered Top

Go for something a little bit more casual for your next blouse haul. But casual doesn’t have to meant-shirt. This top is a blue and white checkered masterpiece! It hangs off the shoulders like it was made for your body specifically, and continues on near the elbow to the upper wrist. It flows on the midriff for that free flowing feeling that will make you want to wear this top every day! It is perfect for a day spent in the sun, or paired with a nice cardigan, this can go just about anywhere.

Long Sleeve Navy Peasant Top

Winter is coming! It’s time to blouse-up with a few shopzolic necessities! This navy blue piece is the kind of pair you’re going to want in your wardrobe. Dark blue is a favorite among numerous fashion blogs. Darker colors are naturally slimming, and the splash of blue adds that much needed color to any look. And in the middle is a low hanging bow (should you tie it that way) that means this isn’t just a bland blouse found on any old shelf. It’s one of a kind, just like you!

White Lapel Buttoned Shirt

If you’re a woman who needs a shirt that works for everything, this shirt is for you! It is the perfect pair to any number of jackets, cardigans, jeans, shoes, jewelry, ties, and so much more! Basic white shirts can be found all over the market, but shozolic’s is feather light and effortlessly slimming. Give it a nice tuck, or let it all hang loose and you’ll be answering ‘where did you get it’ questions all day!

Chifon Purple Floral Top

Pretty in patterns! Solid colors get the job done but if you really want to show your fun side, check out some of shopzolic’s dazzling patterns! This one is a beautiful mix of everything so in right now. And it’s got all those soft colors and light fabric that screams comfort in the best ways possible. It also pairs beautifully with blue or colored jeans to make a look entirely your own. Check out this shopzolic article for more on patterns!

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