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Reinventing the wardrobe wheel

Everybody loves a little color! Some bright blues to tie the look, or a little bit of pink to make it pop! However, not everyone knows how to use color to its full power. Don’t be afraid to go a little out of your comfort zone this season! Dress your looks up or down with a splash of the right color and you’ll be feeling like a whole new person! To really get you on your game, check out these best shopzolic dresses that represent the color wheel in dazzling ways.

Sweater Dress

When you think ‘color’ your first thought may not be brown. But why not? Brown is an underrated color that especially knows how to shine in the fall. A warm brown can do a lot to your look. It looks classy, refined, and this piece in particular has the added bonus of warmth! And you don’t have to sacrifice style to do it! The deep V cut with a matching choker makes this look as cute as it is chic, and really brings power to all that makes a killer brown dress.

Textured Knit Tank Dress

What’s better than blue? Blue is an ideal color for every type of hair in the book. Black, brown, blonde, red, or some other look, blue really knows how to make it pop! And with this bright blue fitted into a slimming, tasteful dress you’ll be wishing you were blue all the time! This even works great as a work outfit, as it extends just to the knees and can be worn with a blazer. Take off the serious workplace attire, and you have a fun look for happy hour with the girls! Blue makes everything better!

Sleeveless Fashion Long Dress  

Back in black and better than ever comes one of shopzolic’s hottest dresses. This black dress ties together everything that is cute right now. With a sleeveless, halter-top like chest piece and a see through bottom tail this is a look that screams fashionista. Here, the color is going to be in what you pair it with. For example, some bright earrings, bracelets, necklaces, shoes, or even a jacket! Black is the ideal match to every color on the market, and the sharp contrast between this and whatever you choose will not be forgotten by those blessed enough to see your look.

Fall Fashion Sleeveless Long Dress

Staying on theme with the long, see through finish comes the brilliant work of pink! Soft, welcoming, and reminiscent of love, pink is one of the top choices on any color style guide.  And this one is also sleeveless, and cuts deep into a V right where you want it. Here you can go for the classic black heels look, or soften it up with matching pink flats, or even a warm brown for an earthly vibe. The possibilities are endless as long as you have pink as the main act!

Stripe Pattern Strapless Maxi Dress

Now that’s what we call color! This is the dress you’ve been looking for if you really want to liven up your wardrobe. With such an enticing pattern, and a fresh mixture of color to tie it all together, it’s no shock this is a bestseller! And strapless too means you can get that effortless comfortable look without breaking the bank. Here the color truly comes alive between strands of black that help to draw focus to your stunning form! Wear it loud and proud!

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