Essential College Trends For Fall 2019

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From classroom to catwalk!

As a time that is all about exploring individuality, fashion is no exception to the flow of collegiate expression! Styling in college has a massive range! From parties, to dorm wear, to work clothes, to work out clothes and even still this doesn't cover all the bases. And the trends are constantly changing! Sometimes it can be hard to keep up, or even tell what’ll still be ‘in’ in a few months. Check out this handy list of a few college trends that are here to stay to get you packing for Fall 2019:

Throw-over jacket

We know hoodies are the staple mark to any collegiate scene, but a good jacket is the underrated fashion hero. You can easily take this on and off throughout the day. You can dress a look up or down simply by wearing it as normal or around the waist (a nice edgy, 90's energy depending on the pattern too!). And it gives off that blasé ‘yes I look good but it’s not like I tried too hard’ vibe. Plus, with a zipper or something other than a pull-over, it won’t mess up your hair coming on and off. Underrated doesn't even begin to describe it!


College follows a few different sandal trends that seem to be pretty popular. Birkenstocks, and Birkenstock alternatives are all the rage right now. More so for their comfort and ability to complement one outfit to the next without missing a beat. However, it may be a good idea to get something a little bit more upscale. College is full of events that are hard to plan for, so look for shoes that can go from classroom to club and still look natural. Here it might be a good idea to go for some color, or even a sandal with a comfortably raised heel.

College Hat

This is definitely more ‘brand’ specific, but it’s always a good idea to have something to represent on hand! A lot of college’s have events going on throughout the week, some you’ll stumble upon without realizing. And that’s not even thinking about college game day! For football or other sporting events, it’s almost taboo NOT to dress head to toe in school supporting colors. A hat is just the beginning!

Over-sized Graphic T-shirts

A trend that transcends college seems to be the reemergence of a ‘soft grunge’. It’s the look of worn, or torn clothes as a fashion statement in and of itself. That being said, it can also be a great way to get your look across. Graphic tees range from TV shows, to slogans, to bands, and everything in between. Most colleges even have their own line of apparel and it should be no hassle to find something trendy in your school’s colors.

High waisted shorts

This trend came back in the early 2010’s and it really never left. Even still, it shows no signs of leaving! High waisted anything is definitely in right now, but shorts are the best item for college you could have. They pair with just about anything, and work wonders in the hotter months. They even come in an array of intricate designs, such as lace, patterns, and length.


Speaking of comebacks, maybe none was as iconic as the scrunchie! It’s not just a hair tie now, it’s a true accessory! And it works even better because even when you aren’t using it, it doubles as a cute little bracelet. In your hair it is soft, doesn’t tug, and makes for an effortless hair style that looks all the rage! Scrunchies do all the hard work, and you get to reap the rewards.

Cocktail Dress

Not just for partying! Cocktail dresses can be dressed up a myriad of ways to suit your needs. It’s all about choosing the right dress that fits your personality and then working it! Depending on the dress, the trend nowadays is even to wear it during winter. Simply put a long sleeve shirt and stockings on underneath and the whole look is revamped. Get the dress that really draws the eye.



And of course, go for some tried and true options specific to yourself. College fashion is really all about the individual. You can work an old T-shirt a hundred different ways depending on what you pair. And since college is the congregation of a thousand different opinions and tastes, you can draw new inspirations every day just by walking around campus. Textbooks aren't the only way to learn! 

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