Fashion Outlook For Fall

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Fashion Outlook for Fall
Five Fashion Forward Looks For Fall

Make every sidewalk a catwalk! If the leaves are changing, it’s time your wardrobe did too! Come 2019’s autumn season, there are going to be numerous new trends and looks to keep an eye out for. Some things old, some things new, and everything cute! For a quick guide on what to look forward to, check out this list of these top 5 looks for fall 2019:

  1. Fall Florals

Florals have actually been on the comeback circuit for many years now, but fall 2019 brings about a new wave of flowery fashion. Fall florals are a bit darker in contour, and leave behind the stereotypical picnic sunflower pattern you might first come to picture. Now floral prints are often accompanied by darker backgrounds, or muted tones. This is no way takes away from the immeasurable beauty of the print as a whole, but rather classes up the timeless look of flowers on your wardrobe. Make fall blossom with some new age moody florals!

  1. Blazers

No matter the season: it can be difficult to find something professional and fun. Blouses do their job, and print pants can spice up a look--- but no one really does it like a blazer. This fall, embrace the comeback of one of the most resourceful fashion forward pieces. The blazer classes up any look, be it for work, school, or both. It’s even perfect for fall as layers become an absolute must with the changing of the season. Be sure to find one that suits your look both in the office, and during happy hour. Make this fall your most fashionable yet!

  1. Plaid

Plaid never really goes out of fashion. It’s either ‘in style’ or it’s considered ‘retro’ and either way, it works a room. This fall is no exception. Plaid is making a comeback in a major way, especially with muted and auburn tones to complement the browning of the leaves. Major fashion companies such as MSGM and Veronica Beard are have hinted at the spike of popularity soon to hit clothing racks everywhere. Get in on the trend early, make your fall pretty in plaid!

  1. Ankle Boots

Fashionable and functional! Ankle Boots are not just a necessity for your closet, but for comfort! These are a great way to spice up any cold weather look without seeming bundled like the kid from a Christmas Story. Ankle boots are the perfect accessory for any number of cold weather outfits. Tuck tights into the cuffs, or wear with shorts for that fun, outdoorsy look. They are even great for hiking! Be sure to check for pairs that include padding, and maybe even rubber-soles if you plan of really breaking in these boots!

  1. Lace

Don’t call it a comeback! Lace is making its triumphant return in much more understated ways. For the fall 2019 look, don’t be surprised if you see a lace sash, or a dress with little folds of lace etched into the fabric out and about. While all colors are currently making rounds in the fashion circles--- white is the most prominent feature of the new haul. Lace is back as a complimentary style to your fall fashion look. Brighten up any outfit with just a few simple stitches of embroider beauty! Lace is the lasting look!

Fall 2019 is all about expression. However you choose to express yourself, own it! Make your look your own, and make fall 2019 your fashion debut!

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