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Looks for the Holidays, Work Days, and Every Day!

As the year (and the decade!) comes to its big bang end, occasion wear is more important than ever! There are so many different holidays jam-packed into these last few months that you’re going to need a wardrobe that can do it all! From colors, to patterns, to shirts, shoes, dresses, and everything in between this list will get you ready for the holly jolly season like no other:

Printed Chiffon Dress

Depending on how you spend your thanksgiving/Christmas/holidays, you’re going to want something that is right at that sweet spot between ‘casual’ and ‘dressed up’. Save the big holiday dress for the day of, but with so much family in town and activities planned you’re going to need more than one outfit. This dress is perfect to look put together without it seeming overdressed. And the white and black is perfect to match with a few splashes of color! Try some statement pumps, cute jewelry, and everything in between to be the talk of this year’s holiday season.  

Embroidered Side Split

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of spring! Florals are the trend that just don’t go out of style, so use them! This dress even highlights all that you want to show. With an upper leg side split, an over the shoulder pattern, and a pinched waist drawstring bow, the best description for this dress is WOW!

Lumi Crop Top

Not every day of the holiday season is girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes. Throughout the coming months you’re sure to have some days that are just to yourself. Meaning you’ll need lounge wear that doesn’t just say comfortable, but actually is comfortable. Pair this warm, loose, crop top with your favorite pair of leggings, yoga pants, sweat pants and give yourself some much needed TLC. Things are about to get busy, so be sure to give yourself time to relax and smell the mistletoe!

Denim Jacket

While not everyone gets snow, most people can feel the chill as we get closer and closer to winter. And as our moms always told us: don’t forget your jacket! And this is one you won’t want to miss! The denim jacket is already such an iconic staple mark to fashion, but the bright yellow literally and figuratively makes it pop! Paired with any array of colors, this is sure to make a statement no one is soon to forget.

 Sleeveless V-Neck Choker Sweater Dress

Don’t just dress to impress, dress to leave an impression! And the sleek and chic fashionista is a great impression to leave. This dress is perfect for the fall, with it’s warm colors and even warmer fabric. It’s so easy to wear year-round too, as a simple jacket outside will do, and then you get to show off your fashion sense once in the warmth again. And the choker is just such a fashion piece. You really don’t have to add jewelry to this look, but the more the merrier! Make this your best holiday season look to date!

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