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Finding the Perfect Pink

Live life in color! And what better color than pink? Pink symbolizes love for oneself, and isn’t that something you’d want to wear? It is also known as the color of harmony, and inner peace and pink can mean so much more to those who choose it. Pink is everything that you make of it, and a cute complement to boot! If you’re the kind of gal who likes to see a splash of color in even the grayest of days, then this list is for you! Check out some of the best pink items shopzolic has today:

Empire Waist V-Neck Dress

Dress it up with a nice V-neck! The frill that laces the V is just enough to make it cute, without seeming over the top. And the snatched waist is an elastic band that emphasizes both comfort and style. This dress falls down to the knee, with plenty of room that flows from the elastic band of the waist. It highlights everything you want to show, and leaves enough room for some dazzling jewelry or accessories.

Fall Fashion Sleeveless Long Dress

Taking things a bit more of a pastel route is a great way to ring in fall. This is a sleek, dazzling dress that shows leg in the most intriguing way possible. The light outer cloth is so thin it’s see through, and opens up to the shorter dress underneath. With twin thin straps it dips down into the coveted V shape that cradles the chest without restricting it. And just below that is a light waist that ties the whole piece together. Pink isn’t just one thing. Pastel is all about working it your way!

Ruffle Maxi Dress

Maybe you’re a fan of all kinds of pink? Even better! Then this Maxi Dress is just calling your name. Prints are a great way to show your fun side. The frill that teases the neck is another great addition that’s hard pressed to find elsewhere. And this is a dress that goes to just about the shins, meaning it can work throughout the year as your best versatile look. It pairs great with flats or heels, and if it’s getting cold: your jacket of choice.

Horses and Wine Make Me Feel Fine Printed Tank Top

Maybe you’re more in the mood for a tank. Say no more, and check out the fine selection of printed tank tops available on shopzolic! Print tees that say something cute and decidedly you are so in right now! So if you’re the kind of girl who likes horses and wine (to feel fine) then this shirt says all you need it to. It’s also incredibly lightweight and perfect for lounging around the house, or a day spent in the stables.

Diamante Women’s Top

Last but certainly not least is a simple top. One of the most important pieces of clothing is the piece that you can wear more than once. A nice top that is just nice enough to be classy without being downright over-dressed is an absolute essential. And this pink top does just that! It is comfortable and not clingy so that you can wear it all day and still feel as fresh as the morning.


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