The Comeback of print T-shirts

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The comeback of print T-shirts


...Or should we say don't call it a comeback? With so much from the 90’s making its triumphant return, it should be no surprise print tee’s are back in the fashion mainstream. What’s nice about print tee’s is that they can also be pretty personal. It’s a great way to show what you love without having to say it, and it makes for a great, comfortable look to boot! Check out some of these shopzolic specialty print t-shirts to get in on the trend early:


Catch-phrase T-shirts

While print T-shirts are no new creation, it has been considerably modernized. Fun and relatable phrases such as the beloved ‘exercise? I thought you said more fries’ or ‘coffee saves lives’ are some of the most popular items on the market. They’re cute, they’re funny, they’re relatable, and generally speaking they’re fairly cheap. It’s one of the most comfortable trends to date.

Coffee Saves Lives

Iconic and to the point, this T-shirt is a jack of all days. Especially if you resonate with the message. If you’re the kind of person who always has a mug in hand, support the brand! This T-shirt is feather-light, and wide on the arms to provide that comfortable, baggy without being loose feel. And with the trendy U-line neck, it is even pretty fashionable.

Vodka Soda and Lime

Let the bar know what you’re about before even opening your mouth. That, or make your at-home girls night all that it can be with some cute, themed matching tank tops! The deep red is a great contrast to any skin color, and the white print is bold and clear to make this one of the best print tee’s out there!

Ask Me About my Dog

Go on, ask! This is the perfect shirt for all proud dog moms. And while this print is specifically in that cute pink that’s all the rage, the actual shopzolic site has a bit more options. Get a shirt with all the right bark!


Symbol T-shirts

Similar to catch-phrase tees, but a bit more ‘in the know’. Symbol T-shirts never really went out of style, and only gain popularity with the passing of time. They’re a cute way to show your passion, interests, or personality with a simple glance. Check out some of these:

Hamsa Print

The Hamsa hand is popular for numerous different reasons. Some religious, some spiritual, and some dedicated to mentality. The Hamsa hand is particularly popular with yoga enthusiasts, and with the tank top, soft feel this shirt is perfect for just that! Match it with yoga pants, shorts, jeans, and everything in between to show off your new symbol tank!

Elephant Top

Elephant’s represent a few different things to a lot of different people. It is the symbol of good luck, fertility, and sometimes just a passion for the look itself! An elephant top is a great choice for those looking for just a little bit of flair with their fashion. It can mean everything and nothing depending on the person, and looks cute all the while!


This might be the genre you’ve seen the most on the streets. Band shirts are back in a big way! And not just radio relevant ones, old and gold, retro, funk, rap, pop, hip hop, and rock are just a few of the names gracing T-shirts nowadays. Grunge is an entirely different topic coming back in a big way this year, so combine the two best comebacks in 2019! Grunge T-shirts, we salute you!

American Rock Star

Grunge never looked so good! This shirt isn’t just your usual printed Tee. It’s cut to form a cute, chic choker neck line, and a loose fit that looks oh so effortless. The print is daring and bold and makes a rocker out of everyone! Rock and roll never dies!


Want to see more? Check out the shopzolic website or shopzolic Instagram account to stay updated! Get into the trends before they become trendy and break the mold! Stay glamorous!

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