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Traveling Wardrobe Essentials

For the girl whose always on the move!

Planes, trains, and buses oh my! With so many ways to get around, it’s no wonder globetrotting is becoming a serious trend. And not just amongst vacationers, and study abroad-ers---- but between career women! People who are freelancers, influencers, travel writers, photographers, businesswomen and so much more are only gaining traction in the working world. And as great as that can be, it can also raise from serious questions about wardrobe choices. So here are some helpful clothing tips for the gal on the go:

Firstly: know what you’re packing for. The suitcase of a businesswomen and an influencer are going to be two entirely different duffels. It makes sense to bring one or two flirty and fun outfits for the businesswoman, and a nice blazer and some slacks for the influencer but those shouldn’t be the items you pack the most (that is assuming you aren’t in the business of fashion, or an influencer with corporate cute aesthetics--- which, kudos if you are!).

Bring one or two versatile and well –loved outfits you can wear ‘should the situation arise’. Even better, business ladies--- bring blouses that can work just as well with a blazer as without one. A fun pattern can go from boardroom to bar quickly, and that's less luggage you have to lug around. The saying ‘better to be prepared’ is great, but no one says ‘better to pay the $50 extra baggage fee for clothes you never used’. Travel smart!


Next, you’re going to want to put in some light research for the weather. Don’t just assume that because a certain place has a reputation for being one thing that the forecast verifies that. Florida rains frequently, and Arizona gets cold! Pack your bag around what you will need, not what you want to need.

That being said, there are some universal weather constants you should always bring. Because for as advanced as forecasts have become they can really only predict so much. Always pack a waterproof windbreaker (or carry it on with you to save space!), a pair of sneakers, a pair of flip flops, and some kind of pants that can brave the cold (yoga, jeans, etc.). Ideally, these will be small, low-space wasting items but these are some of the most common things you could bring that save a rainy day.


It’s also important to choose, and give priority to items of clothing that are small, light, and versatile. Preferably things you can use the ‘roll don’t fold’ method with. Yes, those chunky boots are cute! But are they cute enough to risk space you could be using for two pants, three tops, several socks, and all the shopzolic merch you could find? Prioritize! Save the big items for your at home fashion show. And when in doubt, you can never go wrong with a cute cocktail dress:

Lastly: if you are a travel fiend… give yourself some slack! The first run is probably going to be messy. You’re going to over pack on blouses and under pack on underwear and spend the flight home wondering what went wrong. Same with anything, it’s a learning curve! The biggest tip to give is that you are an individual. That means you’re going to do things slightly different then literally everyone else.

As you travel, you’ll figure out what works best for you. Whether it’s time to invest in one of those four-roll suitcases, or whether you’re a carry-on girl all the way. Whatever you choose, don’t worry about ‘doing it wrong’. You’re doing it right because it’s you’re way! So get to packin’ and stackin’ up those reward points! Happy travels!

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