Top 5 Jeans For Fall

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The 5 Best Jeans for Fall

Make your fall fashionable!

Crisp autumn leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and beautiful pumpkin farms. These are all known signs of the changing of the seasons. But all of this change means your wardrobe might need a bit updating as well! Leaving summer means folding away those cute shorts and sundresses in favor of scarves, gloves, and boots. And to tie all of this together: you’re going to need some rocking jeans! Check out this list of the 5 best jeans for fall to make this fall your most fashionable yet!

Ripped Jeans

Michel Jeans Colombian, Push Up for $21 on Shopzolic

The fall chill comes gradually. You’re going to want jeans that are both breathable, and beautiful! And the rip isn’t just a fashion statement, but the best way to dress for that ‘not quite warm, and not quite chilly’ temperature. These jeans are even high waisted, which is one of those trends that transcends seasons. Go for the jeans that keep on giving!

Black Print Jeans

Sweet Look Premium Women’s Jeans for $32 on Shopzolic

Black is back! And black goes with everything. Black jeans are a necessary tool to keep in your wardrobe arsenal because they can work just about every look. Dress it up with a nice blouse and heels, or down with a simple tee and let your jeans do all the work! These simple black pants even have a little patch of animal print to spice up the look! It’s very subtle and classy as it is imprinted on the sides and tops of pockets and really makes this piece pop!

Tattered Boyfriend Jeans

Sweet Look Jeans – Boyfriend for $39 on Shopzolic

Cuff up the cute! Boyfriend jeans are the perfect addition to your wardrobe this fall. They leave enough room at the bottom to pair with a kickin’ pair of boots, and hug your hips so tight they’ll look tailored! They’re also extremely comfortable, and come with that well-loved, blue jean aesthetic. They pair nicely with plaid, florals, blouses, long-sleeves, tank tops, and everything in between. Boyfriend jeans are the jack of all jeans!

Hem Jeans

Button Waist Raw Hem Jeans for $24 on Shopzolic

Looking for something a little more out of your comfort zone? Good! Fashion is all about making something your own, and you won’t really know your perfect look until you try it. These jeans are all the rage, and super trendy come the 2019 fall season. Opening wide on the calves, and ending well before the ankle these jeans make a statement no one will miss! And with the vivid white color, it’s going to be easy to make this pop with a bright colored sweater or tee!

Push Up Blue Jeans

Crocker Women’s Jeans- Push Up for $24 on Shopzolic

You can never go wrong with a trusted pair of baby blues! Blue jeans are the staple mark of pants wear, and this simple cut with belly support is the perfect addition to your fall. They hug tight but gentle around the waist, and then fall down to a relaxed fit as they reach the ankles. Blue is back in season with fall, so be sure to get on the trend early with Shopzolic!

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